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Most of us can only dream about living on an island paradise or becoming a rock star. For the members of EMKE, that’s just everyday life. EMKE burst onto the Honolulu music scene in 2005. Performing “classic rock” cover tunes from Journey, Van Halen and Bon Jovi, the group quickly gained notoriety for wowing audiences with their mature level of musicianship and vocal talents.

In a very short time, EMKE has found themselves graduating from intimate local club gigs, to playing before huge concert crowds including recent slots opening for BILLY RAY CYRUS, the legendary KANSAS, QUIET RIOT’S CARLOS CAVAZO, LEE RITENOUR, ANDY McKEE, HOOBASTANK, JACK’ MANNEQUIN and JOURNEY’S NEAL SCHON.

EMKE has released their first EP “Promises and Expectations”. When asked to describe their sound, the band is quick to respond ... “an addictive mix of pop/rock and classic rock ....kinda like ORIANTHI with a touch of ANN and NANCY WILSON (HEART).”

Dave Lawrence, HPR host for NPR’s All Things Considered, furthered the musical sentiment. In a recent interview with the band, Lawrence remarked, “.... part of EMKE’s sound is decidedly retro, and when they power up a song, like their original Too Late, the modern melodic hard rock projects sophistication beyond their years.”

Honolulu Star Advertiser’s veteran scene and music reviewer John Berger voiced accolades for the band in recent print articles.... “The entertainment industry is full of children who get by on cuteness.... but don’t write them (EMKE) off as kiddie rock or a novelty act. The members are younger than most bands on the local scene, but they’re not kids playing at being a rock band. They can rock hard. This collection (EP) of originals shows they have talent and potential as writers as well.”