A Touch of Gold

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A Touch of Gold is Hawaii’s original Motown entertainment. The group was founded over 25 years ago here in Hawaii. It started when a group of local friends got together to “kanikapila” in a garage. After singing the usual local Hawaiian songs, they experimented with another genre of music which they enjoyed…Motown! They soon found that their harmonies were good, and the sound was pleasing. At first, they performed at small parties and family gatherings. They wore their best clothing and imitated their favorite singers in front of family and friends. Soon, the word spread, and people were requesting to see the “local guys” who sing Motown. The name A Touch of Gold was created, and the costumes soon followed. They became favorites to many. As time went by, members of this group changed. New ones would come, and old ones would leave, but the sound would remain the same…classic!

As time passed, A Touch of Gold entered the studio and released a couple of albums. In 2009, they completed their third album entitled “Reborn”, which was nominated for the upcoming Hoku awards. That same year, it won a Na Hoku Hanohano Award for best R&B/ Hip-Hop Album of the year.

Now, A Touch of Gold continues to perform for the people of Hawaii. They take pride in the fact that each and every one of them is local to the islands. They grew up learning the local traditions, and singing the Hawaiian songs. But the songs of Motown are instilled in them all.